About Us

Emcara Gas Development Inc. has designed a line of innovative, safe, reliable and cost-effective pressure relief devices (PRD).

The PRD's are rapidly becoming the industry standard and preferred choice for protecting compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen (H) tanks in vehicles powered with alternative fuels. Every CNG or H powered vehicle must meet new safety standards to prevent catastrophic explosions of their fuel tank in the event of a fire.

Emcara’s innovation uses single-trigger technology, present in all their products. These include the COBRA, PYTHON, BADGER and GARTER PRD's. Built from advanced material, the technology in the new PRD's provide fast, reliable and complete tank protection with cost savings of up to 40% over conventional safety methods.

Our Mission Statement

Emcara designs and manufactures innovative, safe and cost effective components for alternative fuel systems, leading to the growth and success of the alternative fuels market.