Our Team

Emcara has the luxury of having a management team with vast industry knowledge.

The president of the company, Erick Girouard, has been designing CNG and hydrogen components for over 15 years for major Engineering companies and also participates in Technical Advisory Groups; which set the industry standard in North America and abroad. This expertise among the management team has led to customers seeking out Emcara for product solutions. Emcara has the unique flexibility to offer customized solutions.

Erick Girouard, President & CEO

Erick has been designing CNG and hydrogen components for 15 years, and is the inventor of several product patents, including the tank valve used on most 5,000psi hydrogen systems.

Erick participates with other industry experts on several Technical Advisory Groups, developing and updating standards used across North America and emulated in other markets. He is a recognized expert in components and particularly PRDs, and as such has contributed a considerable amount of the tests and text in the standards. This has been crucial for Emcara’s work as well as for others, as Emcara has developed components never anticipated by the standards. He currently chairs the Common Issues TAG to address those issues that affect several standards. In 2012 he was awarded CSA’s Personal Award of Distinction for his service.

Through both previous employment and as part of the standards work, Erick has participated in or reviewed field fire investigations and industry safety trends. This has been part of his inspiration to build new products that solve problems that haven’t yet been fully recognized and to find new opportunities in a growing industry.